LUVWORX is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to providing disaster relief, humanitarian aid efforts and youth arts education to support and uplift communities.

Our purpose is to help provide people with access to resources that help them meet their basic needs while also nourishing their souls with music, art, dance, and most importantly love. We strive to be an example of humanity taking care of each other in times of need and unite people from all walks of life through sharing the gift of art. Each mission we embark upon serves a colorful reminder to the world that love works – and we’re all in this together. 

Our Core Programs & Services:

  • - Providing Basic Necessities to the Home-free (The Annual Gift of Giving Event)
  • - Distributing Resources for Mothers in Safe Houses, Natural Disaster Victims, and Refugees
  • - Beautifying Community Spaces 
  • - Hosting Dance & Art Classes, Concerts & Spreading Love Everywhere We Go!


Terry "Love" Lenley (Cofounder & Executive Director) - Terry has been working in the performing arts for over 35 years. He’s worked as a trained professional dancer on behalf of companies like Nike, American Ballet Theater, J Men, Jazz Unlimited, Norweigen Cruise Line, Wayne Foster Entertainment, Joshua Tree Music Festival, and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. He’s performed in off-Broadway plays, including: Little Abner, 42nd Street, A Chorus Line, Westside Story, Musical with Muscle, California Dream Man, Here Comes the Boys, and Voodoo Blues and at The White House for past presidents. When he hasn’t been traveling the world performing, he’s worked in Southern California to create three dance studios throughout his career, teaching free classes to unite communities from all backgrounds and playing and writing original music.

Alison Sher (Cofounder & Creative Director) - Alison is a serial social entrepreneur who is passionate about turning ideas into reality. She has worked to bring over 20 cause oriented start ups into existence over her decade in consulting, brand development, and copywriting. She is a published author and journalist. Her book The Millennial's Guide to Changing the World launched in 2018 with worldwide distribution from Skyhorse Publishing. She has spent a significant amount of her career studying generations and is on a mission to mend broken generational contracts to solve social problems. In her spare time she pursues other art forms like dance, playing guitar, singing, permaculture and mixed media painting. She cofounded LUVWORX with Terry and is honored to share their vision with the world!

Kevin Dalfonzo (Board President & Chief Technical Officer) -Kevin is a former Senior IT Engineer for companies like Hewlett Packard, The CoStar Group and Qualcomm. After leaving the corporate world, he started his own consulting company and has since created several successful companies. In 2007 he co-founded The Allied Climbers of San Diego, a California 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to promoting and maintaining access to climbing and outdoor recreation. He was president of the organization for 7 years and has been a member of the board since the organization’s founding. Currently he holds the position of CIO. Kevin is also the host of the popular podcast called The Love Lab.

Sara Floyd (Secretary & Director of Food Partnerships) - Sara grew up in a food desert, meaning there weren’t many choices or even education on healthy foods. When she was in her teens, she awoke to how these foods were affecting her mind and body and began to make her own choices.  It was in attending Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina where she really began understanding food as medicine. There she was learning the importance of soil health, regenerative practices, and also identifying medicinal herbs in the wild.  Her passion was birthed there and continued growing deeper while working on organic farms and homesteads in France and Italy. Upon returning to the US, she began volunteering with Grassroots Aid Partnership after a hurricane hit the East coast. She is currently on a path to becoming a functional nutrition counselor and she is already a passionate organic gardener and collaborator/founder of Rasayana Wellness, a functional medicine clinic in Western North Carolina. 

Jim Backman (Board Member & Director of Corporate Sponsorships) - Jim is an art lover who always likes to bring fun and creativity into his many projects. Jim founded and led a rapidly growing renewable energy company that was ranked the 10th fastest growing company in San Diego in 2016 and he was nominated as CEO of the year by the San Diego Business Journal. He is also a founding partner in CarbonWise, a large water heating plant control and energy management system. Jim is a seasoned entrepreneur known for building cohesive teams and creative problem-solving in a rapidly growing company. After spending two decades in the renewable energy sector delivering diverse and complex projects for companies like Google, Facebook, Intel, the US military, universities and colleges, his passion for wellness and building a better society led him to the creation of Spore, Inc. Jim enjoys the active Shroomees lifestyle and when he is not getting people excited about the benefits of mushrooms, you can find him surfing, cycling and doing Ashtanga yoga.

Sonal Shah Taylor MD (Board Member & Youth Program Director) is a trained and boarded internal medicine physician. She is also a licensed in American Integrative and Holistic Medicine. She truly believes in root cause medicine rather than treating symptoms. This first led her to functional medicine and then eventually to Siddha medicine. Dr. Taylor has also been trained in MDMA for PTSD through the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies. She is deeply passionate about healing trauma as bridge to long standing chronic diseases. She is a cofounder of a nonprofit to help children in the suicide spectrum on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The name of the organization is Wakanyeja, a Lakota word meaning children are sacred. She has worked for many years at the free clinics and has done relief work in Haiti multiple times including after the Earthquake in 2010. She has a lifelong passion to serve others and passionate about helping the underserved. She is also on the board of Open Path, a nonprofit committed to psychotherapy for underserved communities.

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LUVWORX is a 501c3 California nonprofit. That means, if you feel called to support our organization with a donation, it is tax deductible.